Hi all,

if you happen to be in Hannover for the industry fair next week, don't
miss to watch Xenomai at work at our booth (hall 2 / A10). There will be
live demos of an autonomous service robot and a real-time 3D laser
scanner, all powered by Xenomai (*). You are welcome for a chat, either
with my colleagues or myself (going to be there on Wednesday and Friday).


(*) therefore the new logo variant, soon to appear on xenomai.org too
for broader usage (no, for now I'm not accepting comments on that
version anymore...)

Dipl.-Ing. Jan Kiszka

Institute for Systems Engineering, Real-Time Systems Group (RTS)
Appelstraße 9A, D-30167 Hannover
phone +49 511 762-3974 / fax +49 511 762-4012

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