Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Hi Wolfgang,
> something is inconsistent about CAN_RAW in RT-Socket-CAN compared to
> plain Socket-CAN. Also, the latter doesn't know any CAN_PROTO_xxx unless
> I oversee something. Please have a look.

There is CAN_PROTO_RAW defined and I have added some time ago CAN_RAW to 
rtcan.h to be compatible with Socket-CAN:

   /** Particular CAN protocols
    *  Currently only the RAW protocol is supported.
   #define CAN_RAW  0

> (I received a private complaint of a user trying to compile rtcan_rtt
> against 2.3.x.)

The latter definition is missing in 2.3.x, though and compiling 
rtcan_rtt.c from the trunk will fail for this reason. I'm going to fix 
it later today.


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