before ipipe-git gets busy again with work on 2.6.21, I'd like to flush
my patch queue. Here is an overview:

 1. Build fix for the tracer over x86_64

 2. Fix for Linux IRQ state during x86_64 boot

 3. [JANITOR] Fix whitespace damages in the tracer

 4. [JANITOR] Minor cleanups in ipipe/core.c

 5. Extract minimal, dependency-free linux/ipipe_base.h from main

 6. Optimise __ipipe_stall_root, __ipipe_test_root, and
    __ipipe_test_and_stall_root for execution on UP (only i386 and
    x86_64 so far). This should improve Linux performance over I-pipe,
    at least it did with the original version I posted last year.

 7. Detect illicit cross-domain calls down the pipeline. Together with
    the included Linux instrumentation, this can help to diagnose broken
    RT code in the kernel, namely in drivers and skins. Might be of some
    interest for RTDM hackers as recent user postings demonstrated...

All patches are against 2.6.20 (i386-1.7-03 / x86_64-1.0.06) and were
(as usual) quickly tested with Xenomai trunk on qemu boxes.

[Note that just this initial mail is CC'ed to xenomai-core, check
adeos-main for the actually patches.]


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