> I came across Dmitry Adamushko doing the same work,
> may if any pointers you have will help us.

That was my intention and I started to implement some bits.. but
shortly after that you announced an "alsmost-completed" port (as I
recall it was estimated to be released somewhere in April) so I
decided not to duplicate efforts (as it was just for fun, not any
need-for-work necessity) but rather help with reviewing and
straightening of the code once it gets released.

>  May 12 is the date to where we think of giving the
> final release.

> [...] now we are left with only one problem the xenomai
> module doesnt work for us, it fails in start_thread
> for module. same context switch will be used for
> xenomai module also [...]

sorry, but this looks like a mess and one should guess really hard to
extract some relevant bits (if any).

start_thread() == xnpod_start_thread? for module? what kind of
"context switch" term can used for module (== kernel module)? and you
claim that "all User RT Applications are working fine" and "the
xenomai module doesnt work for us".

I think noone is able to help you unless (1) you do release code
publicly or (2) you are really very specific (technically-wise)
describing your problem. (2) is not that easy as it would require
looking at other parts of the code and we are, well, kind of "blind"

Best regards,
Dmitry Adamushko

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