NZG wrote:
> I've got a user space app that starts a periodic real time task.
> The periodic task opens an rtdm file descriptor and starts writing to it in a 
> loop.
> At some point, due to user interaction,  the task needs to be killed and the 
> file descriptor closed.
> What's the easiest way to signal it to do so? Anyone have some example code 
> they can point at?
> I looked through the native docs and the examples at
> and
> but they don't appear to address this.
> The captains example uses a global variable, but this doesn't actually seem 
> to 
> work.
> I suspect the task is operating on a copied set of variables, so some sort of 
> message passing is going to be involved, but I don't want to slow down the 
> main task to wait for a message.

Check examples under src/utils/can, src/testsuite/switchtest, or
irqbench. [And please post help requests on xenomai-help :)]


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