Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Hi,
> looks like we have some new vacancies in this project. On the other
> hand, there is now the chance to improve the tool situation of Xenomai
> significantly:
> I've managed to hack (almost) recent LTTng on top of 2.6.20-ipipe-1.8-01
> and Xenomai trunk. Thanks to Jean-Olivier's work for his diploma thesis
> [1], we already had a patch to LTTV, the LTTng viewer. But as LTTng is
> still in stormy waters (kernel markers etc...), the backend interface
> for Xenomai/I-pipe needed a new concept to meet the current, hopefully
> now stable design. You can find the result attached in form of a
> screenshot of LTTV visualising parts of a simple latency run.
> The patches I have here currently need some unwinding from my personal
> queue, therefore nothing to publish yet. I will look at this again soon,

Patches are now available at


Still only as a series, but maintaining multiple queues would be a bit
too much effort for this.


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