I had a problem with an RTDM driver: /proc/xenomai/rtdm/open_fildes
could not close its descriptors. So, I tried with trunk which has
auto-cleanup of RTDM descriptors, to see if descriptors would be closed,
the descriptors were not auto-closed when killing my application
either. After a little investigation, it appears that the problem is
that my drivers had a real-time close handler but no non-realtime
handler, so when close was invoked from a non real-time context (either
/proc/xenomai/rtdm/open_fildes, or the auto-cleanup routine), the
default close handler installed by RTDM simply returned -38 and close

The way to fix this issue was rather simple: implement a non real-time
close handler, but I find this behaviour a bit disturbing, maybe
implementing a non real-time close handler could be mandatory ?


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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