Thank you,
Looks like a good starting point.


On Tuesday 05 June 2007 5:58 am, Detlev Zundel wrote:
> Hi,
> > Does anyone have a Xenomai patch for the cirrus ep93xx processors?
> > I understand it has an RTAI port,
> > but I'd prefer to stay on the Xenomai side if possible.
> I have an implementation against a 2.6.15 kernel that I never posted
> because it is still "rough around the edges".  But as time passed too
> quickly it is very likely the best to post it and at least give you a
> base to work against.
> Unfortunately I have only the whole patch including i-pipe support
> based on what was in svn xenomai revision r2056 (i.e. 5th January this
> year) together with the ep93xx parts in one large patch.  But the
> ep93xx parts should be easy to extract.
> One thing that I did not finish was a correct demuxing of the
> interrupts that got introduced somewhat around that timeframe in the
> other ARM ports.  The code was compile-clean but not finished in this
> area.
> I hope this helps
>   Detlev

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