On Fri, 2007-06-08 at 16:07 +0200, BOUIN Alexandre wrote:
>                 We (Adeneo) are working on a ARM AT91 RTAI. We
>                 encountered some difficulties such tsc one : in
>                 periodic mode, we reload our timer automatically in
>                 order to avoid reprogramming it. TC timer increments a
>                 16 byte register, which is not enough for a tsc (64
>                 bytes). tsc need to be emulated on ARM.
>                 With oneshot mode, tsc is updating the 4 least
>                 significant bytes and then increments other bytes each
>                 time counter go back to zero value.
>                 With our periodic mode, timer reloads himself so we
>                 need to change tsc emulation by incrementing tsc like
>                 this : tsc += period.
>                 We made some evolutions on ipipe which will be applied
>                 to a hal patch.
>                 Are you interrested in a such patch for a periodic
>                 mode on ARM ?

Support for periodic mode has been recently deprecated in the I-pipe
patch, and will be discontinued in future releases.

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