2007/6/9, Gilles Chanteperdrix <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
>  > BOUIN Alexandre wrote:
>  >  >           We (Adeneo) are working on a ARM AT91 RTAI. We encountered 
> some difficulties such tsc one : in periodic mode, we reload our timer 
> automatically in order to avoid reprogramming it. TC timer increments a 16 
> byte register, which is not enough for a tsc (64 bytes). tsc need to be 
> emulated on ARM.
>  >  >           With oneshot mode, tsc is updating the 4 least significant 
> bytes and then increments other bytes each time counter go back to zero value.
>  >  >
>  >  >           With our periodic mode, timer reloads himself so we need to 
> change tsc emulation by incrementing tsc like this : tsc += period.
>  >  >           We made some evolutions on ipipe which will be applied to a 
> hal patch.
>  >
>  > I intend to rework I-pipe tsc emulation for arms with a free-running
>  > counter. In order to reduce the tsc read operations:
>  > - it should use the (uninterruptible) ldm instruction to load the 64
>  >   bits counter without masking interrupts;
>  > - the 64 bits counter should not be updated at each read, but only from
>  >   time to time, the best place to do this is Linux timer interrupt.
> I never did the calculation before, but the TC free-running counter
> wraps every 40 milliseconds, so Linux timer interrupt is not often

How do you get this 40 ms ?
For me TC free-running counter wraps every (2^16)/(MCK/32)
For AT91RM9200-EK  MCK=59904000 so we get 35ms
For AT91SMA926x-EK MCK=99328000 so we get 21ms
I am wrong?

> enough to update the 64 bits counter. The only safe place to update the
> 64 bits counter seems to be __ipipe_mach_acktimer.

As Linux timer period is 10ms why do you think is not often enough ?

For AT91SAM926x what do you think of using PIT for emulating tsc,
(with PIT we can have a 32 bit counter) ?

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