On Thu, 2007-06-21 at 11:06 +0200, Philippe Gerum wrote:
> "users" is too vague a term. If we are talking about application
> developers, they should feel deep in their guts that using something
> within the xnarch layer is terminally wrong, so the point is moot
> anyway.
> Who I'm talking about are Xenomai sub-system developers - you, me,
> whoever goes deep into the plumbing for whatever good reason. In that
> case, we do want to have a mean to retrieve the host's idea of time,
> regardless of whether it's reliable in distributed situations or not,
> one has to decide whether it fits or not, and in most cases, it does.
> Sub-systems may have access to the xnarch sub-system legitimately, and
> if we want to hide the underlying environment we are compiling for
> (whether the real hw or the event-driven engine), we need to export a
> common interface with different implementations.

I'd say that xnarch_get_sys_time() tends to become a misnomer with the
current evolution of Xenomai's timekeeping code, xnarch_get_host_time
would be much better.


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