2007/6/21, Claudio Scordino <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Dear Gregory,
>     we haven't started working on Xenomai on the AT91SAM platform, yet.
> Actually, we don't even know if we will...
> Can you tell me what is the current status of the AT91SAM support in Xenomai ?
> I remember that you already sent me a preliminary patch some weeks ago...

Our patch for AT91SAM926x support are already merged in the Xenomai
arm git tree. Gilles was waiting for some feedback on his new patch
for making a release of it.

> Did you make any change ? Is the current support working ? If so, when the 
> patch
> will be merged with the standard mainstream of Xenomai ?

The support is working we test it both on AT91SAM9260-EK and
AT91SAM9261-EK board, and we already sent the real time performance on
these list two weekd ago.

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