Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Johan Borkhuis wrote:
>>> One thing I would like to see is to have the xenomai_gid parameter as a
>>> kernel config parameter, next to the module parameter. The default can
>>> be -1, but I would like to have my configured xenomai-group as the
>>> default value, so I don't have to pass an extra parameter or modify
>>> /sys/module/xeno_nucleus/parameters/xenomai_gid.
>> Build the nucleus into the kernel, and you'll have it (with kernel 2.6
>> at least): "xeno_nucleus.xenomai_gid=<some-gid>"
> Sorry, I likely misunderstood your request. You mean a build-time config
> parameter? Hmm, that sounds a bit weird, given that you don't build your
> /etc/passwd or /etc/group into the kernel either, do you?
> Jan
This was indeed what I meant. But I modified the default command line, 
which gives the same result.

I do have a standalone system where I can modify the group-file, so it 
is not a problem to have a fixed value for this option, as the 
xenomai-groups also has a fixed value.

Kind regards,
    Johan Borkhuis

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