Hi all,

I've just uploaded my rebased patch stack, including specifically the
last bits that should go in before -rc1, namely

- only-setsched-in-trampoline.patch: missing bits for rt-caps-groups
- clean-nktbase-init.patch: nitpicking, but more consistent
- fix-intr-locking-part-ii-v2.patch: basically my first version but
  addressing the NULL issue Dmitry pointed out and adding one - as I
  think - important barrier. Dmitry, please have another look if I
  messed something up or if I missed something from your proposal.
- refactor-timer-modes-v2.patch: the final(?) version
- rtdm-timer-v3.patch: rebased over timer-modes-v2

Compile-tested, at least booting under qemu/smp, another real box is
about to boot in a few seconds.


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