Johan Borkhuis wrote:
> When compiling with an extended warnings I get the following warning:
> /nfsroot/common/usr/xenomai/include/rtdm/rtdm.h: In function 
> 'rt_dev_sendto':
> /nfsroot/common/usr/xenomai/include/rtdm/rtdm.h:323: warning: missing 
> initializer
> /nfsroot/common/usr/xenomai/include/rtdm/rtdm.h:323: warning: (near 
> initialization for 'msg.msg_flags')
> The structure-type msghdr has 7 elements, but the initializer only has 6 
> elements.

Yeah, known problem under pedantic compiler switches. But it's already
fixed in upcoming 2.4, I was likely just to lazy to back-port it.

Thanks nevertheless,

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