Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Ok, the rpilock is local, the nesting level is bearable, let's focus on
> putting this thingy straight.

Well, redesigning things may not necessarily improve the situation, but
reducing the amount of special RPI code might be worth a thought:

What is so special about RPI compared to standard prio inheritance? What
about [wild idea ahead!] modelling RPI as a virtual mutex that is
permanently held by the ROOT thread and which relaxed threads try to
acquire? They would never get it, rather drop the request (and thus the
inheritance) once they are to be hardened again or Linux starts to
schedule around.

*If* that is possible, we would
 A) reuse existing code heavily,
 B) lack any argument for separate locking,
 C) make things far easier to understand and review.

Sounds too beautiful to work, I'm afraid...


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