Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
>> -/*!
>> - * \fn int rthal_timer_request(void (*tick_handler) (void), void 
>> (*mode_emul)(int mode, void *tdev), int (*tick_emul)(unsigned long delay, 
>> void *tdev), int cpu)
>> +/**
>> + * \fn int rthal_timer_request(void (*tick_handler)(void),
>> + *             void (*mode_emul)(enum clock_event_mode mode, struct 
>> ipipe_tick_device *tdev),
>> + *             int (*tick_emul)(unsigned long delay, struct 
>> ipipe_tick_device *tdev), int cpu)
> Doxygen does not like when the function arguments are not on one line.
> At least some version that was used in the past.

Hmm, I was using Doxygen 1.5.0 here, and there were neither complaints
during compile-time nor obvious quirks in the output. Maybe this issue
got fixed in the meantime. What was the precise effect?


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