juanba romance wrote:
> Hello, all,
> I am currently developing a RTDM/xenomai driver for the CANbus chipset 
> 82527 that i think it could have some interest
> it has the next features:
>    1. Specific management for the remote frames CANbus feasibility, it
>       couple the real-time data bus flow with a user software feedback
>       to handshake remote frames and update mailbox callback for the
>       auto-replied messages
>    2. Transparent use to push/suck data from the driver using a common
>       data format
>    3. Capability to push a bunch of CANbus messages in a single system
>       call. The bunch is copied to a kernel domain ring buffer to
>       guarantee low latencies at the user side. A specific kernel
>       thread  sucks the ring pushing the user request into the chipset
>    4. Driver readout using a native RT message queue where the control
>       and data flow is published
>    5. Multichipset capabilities, right now a commercial PC104 board with
>       two devices is used. The on board CPU is a SBC VIA C3 1GHz
>       processor softwared with the stack
>       xenomai-2.3,1/vanilla-2.6.20-15/Adeos-ipipe-1.7-03
>    6. board monitoring through the /proc file system entry
>    7. Local Data Transfers controlled with RT-alarms
>    8. Virtual support to check applications/driver usage/design, right
>       now only the chipset is virtualised, but plans to have network
>       transactions are on going
>    9. ISR hardware optimizations focused on the network readout to
>       gurantee low latencies
>   10. Easy porting to other i82527 based on boards
>   11. Full transmission operation handling the 16 message object set 
> We have in plan also
>    1. Capabilities to filtering/masking the incoming flow at the driver
>       stage allowing that the same context, using the "xenomai
>       nomenclature" feed specific threads using some kind of
>       binding/configuration process. This is an open issue cause i don't
>       have a clear approach to follow..
>    2. can-festival coupling
> I think this is the full picture, i look forward..

Are you aware that there is already a RT-Socket-CAN driver coming with 
Xenomai, which has most of the feature you listed above?


There is not yet a driver for the i82527, but I already started to 
implement it.


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