Hi Philippe,

sorry for the delay - I was and still am short on time.

trem wrote:
> Hi
> Oh, I understand your point of view, and I found it fine. We do an
> example quite complete (and with some sense), and we split it into step.
> The first complete example could contain :
> - global buffer (one for all device)
> - device buffer (one for each device)
> - local buffer (one for each open)
> - synchronization: semaphore used to block read when no data are ready
> - ioctl: used to to select the active buffer (ie global, device, local)
> Now, how to split it ? I propose :
> tut01: global buffer + read/write
> tut02: {global, device, local} buffer + ioctl + read/write
> tut03: {global, device, local} buffer + ioctl + read/write + synchronization

Let's write the full example first, look at the result, and then decide
about the best split-up.


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