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[Some add-ons to what Philippe already pointed out:]

ROSSIER Daniel wrote:
> ...
> Ok, I totally agree. I've tried to use a rtdm_event object which I've
> declared in the Linux driver side. Then, the write function is called from a 
> RT task,

That sounds error-prone: Is "write" only called from RT context? Does it
have to synchronise with functions running in non-RT context, and is
this synchronisation done in a RT-safe manner (rtdm_lock_...)? You may
check this offline - or online with CONFIG_IPIPE_DEBUG_CONTEXT.

> then it calls rtdm_event_wait() at a certain point, and the i2c ISR performs 
> a rtdm_event_signal()
> to wake up the RT task. However, I got a kernel crash when rtdm_event_wait() 
> is called.

Sometimes it is helpful to analyse what the crash says precisely, e.g.
at which line of code (during which memory access) the crash happens.
Also, debugging options may help to catch some potential root bug earlier.

In general, I also smell a bit too much hacking and too less designing
here... ;)


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