On Thu, 2007-09-13 at 10:06 +0200, Peter Soetens wrote:
> >
> > Please point me at the actual Orocos test code that breaks, with the
> > hope to get a fairly standalone test case from it; if you do have a
> > standalone test case already, this would be even better. I intend to
> > address this issue asap.
> I stripped the OS layer of Orocos for xenomai and built a testcase, which 
> causes a complete lockup with that. In order to avoid the lock-up, comment 
> some thread/mutex/semaphore creations. All these classes call the functions 
> from fosi.c and fosi_internal_join.cpp. So the testcase could be reduced to 
> call only these functions...
> It seems you need to construct a number of threads and mutexes in the 
> same application before it happens. With only 'little' use of these 
> primitives, our applications run fine 1000's times in a row.

Ok. I can confirm that something tragically bugous is happening at
nucleus level when running this testcase. So far, I already triggered
the -ENOMEM issue, and a nifty crash during task creation. I'll dig
this, thanks.


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