Here is the latest release from the stable tree.  Several Adeos
patches have been updated due to a nasty bug that may lock out hw
interrupts unexpectedly when dumping the pipeline trace buffers
(CONFIG_IPIPE_TRACE=y) using the /proc interface; update is strongly
recommended if you rely on the tracer for debugging. Short log


        * Make the watchdog timeout value configurable
        * Fix build with CONFIG_XENO_OPT_RPIDISABLED=n
        * Fix shared interrupt handling.

        [native, vxworks, vrtx]

        * Fix double TCB memory release upon task mapping error.


        * Fix race upon socket list update.


        * Make sure rthal_thread_switch() is properly paired with
          Linux's switch_to() (return value fix for ppc64).
        * Adeos update (I-pipe 2.6.20-1.6-04, 2.6.21-1.6-04)


        * Adeos update (I-pipe 2.6.20-1.7-06).


        * Adeos update (I-pipe 2.6.20-1.8-08).

See the ChangeLog for details.


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