Jan Kiszka wrote:
> trem wrote:
>> Hi
>> I've written a little exemple for rtdm. It uses open, close, read, write
>> ioctl and 3 kind of buffer (local, device, global). This is an alpha
>> release, so I'll be pleased to get some feedback.
>> you can find it here :
>> http://zarb.org/~trem/tut03-skeleton-drv.c
>> http://zarb.org/~trem/tut03-skeleton-app.c
>> http://zarb.org/~trem/Makefile
> Thanks once again for your effort. I'm sorry that I cannot go into
> details soon, so just a minor comment from the first glance: please fix
> the coding style to kernel style.

I've updated the coding style. It should be better now.

> Jan
> PS: Didn't you also once post a patch for the existing tut02? That's
> probably still hanging around in no-man's land, right?

I've done a patch for tut01, but not for tut02. We have say that
we write a complete tut and after we split it.

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