Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:

> It's a bit more tricky as it has to deal with flat device tree based
> resource management. 

Yes this makes sense.

> I have a patch already since a while but forgot to post it. Could you
> please give the attached patch a try? 

Patch applies and compiles cleanly. I will give it a try as soon as I
added the support for our board. I have already support for a 2.6.20
Kernel, so this should be no big deal.

Slightly OT:
Do you know the status of the mpc5200 support of the Denx-2.6 kernel
concerning ATA and FEC ? Are the latest patches from Sylvain Munaut and
Grant Likely already inside ?

What I find nice about the Denx kernel Repo is, that together with
Xenomai there are now two options for opening the MSCAN device.

Best regards,

Daniel Schnell.

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