Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Yes. I have tested 2.6.22-DENX over two Freescale boards, namely mpc52xx
> and mpc8548, using this very same setup. Btw, you will need to pick
> 2.0-01 which landed today in the repo, since I fixed a couple of issues
> (one being serious) there.
Thanks for the info about 2.0 issue.
>> And is the DENX patch specific to DENX tree or can it be applied/used
>> from vanilla kernel tree ?
> It should apply to the vanilla tree without too much fuss, but the
> reference tree for the I-pipe/powerpc work is the DENX one, AFAIC.

FYI, Adeos 2.0 / Xenomai 2.4 works fine on my PowerPC boards too.
BTW, 2.6.23-rc5 patch does not apply "as it" on -rc7 and -rc8
(for ppc64 part at least).


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