Richard Cochran wrote:
> I know that this is a bit off topic, yet perhaps some on this list
> have interest or knowledge in this area. I am also posting this idea
> to the linux-arm-kernel list.
> I would like to implement the ARM FCSE under Linux, using the Intel
> IXP425 board. Before I start, I would like to ask:
> 1. Has any work already been done in this area?

Yes, we at emlix evaluate the feasibility of porting the FASS patch to a 
modern 2.6 kernel in the context of a customer project. It is far more work 
than expected because central MM implementations both ARM-specific and 
Linux-general have changed since the 2.4 days. What we have done is to take 
the FASS patch and tried to make it work with the 2.6 line rather than 
implementing the concepts from scratch. So far, we are able to compile a 
FASS-patched 2.6.21 kernel but it fails when trying to start init. We expect 
a huge amount of bugs hiding inside the code yet. No wonder, we are still in 
the middle of the work. I would call the code far from being releasable but 
before you also begin to do the work we have already performed it is 
reasonable to post our current status.

We consider to set up a git repository so that you and all interested people 
will be able to clone from it. If anyone feels prepared to contribute code to 
this project we either can provide write access to the repository or do it 
the Linus' way (i.e. we would pull from others' repositories), whichever is 



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