Richard Cochran wrote:
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> > Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 11:28 AM
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> > We consider to set up a git repository so that you and all
> > interested people will be able to clone from it. If anyone feels
> > prepared to contribute code to this project we either can provide
> > write access to the repository or do it the Linus' way (i.e. we
> > would pull from others' repositories), whichever is preferred.
> For now, can you post a diff against a known vanilla kernel version?
> Perhaps later we can set up a public project.

Nevertheless, here comes our git repository:

Note that this patch is far less than finished. It is hackish, it does not 
work, but you asked for it. ;-)

The current status is: Sometimes the kernel boots properly and I get a shell 
prompt. Then a 'ls' is possible, sometimes two but then the systems freezes.

Still a lot of work to do but we are ready to do it and are confident of 
getting this beast running.

If anyone is interested: Don't hesitate to help.



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