Hi Wolfgang,

On Thu, 2007-10-11 at 11:28 +0200, Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
> Hello,
> attached is a patch for "arch/powerpc" for the DENX GIT tree 
> linux-2.6-denx version 2.6.23. It should replace the patch 
> adeos-ipipe-2.6.23-rc5-powerpc-DENX-2.0-01.patch. It just needed 
> adaption for the renaming of head_4xx.S to head_40x.S in 
> arch/powerpc/kernel/.

Great, thanks. I'm going to merge the latest updates from the generic
I-pipe tree into your patch and roll the result out asap.

Btw, do you know if 2.6.23-DENX runs the PA-SEMI properly? Last time I
checked (a month ago actually), -rc5 had some issues booting an Electra
board due to upstream changes.


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