Jan Kiszka a écrit :
> Stelian Pop wrote:
>> # Automatically generated make config: don't edit
>> # Linux kernel version:
>> # Fri Oct 12 11:45:32 2007
>> #
> ...
>> # CONFIG_X86_UP_APIC is not set
> As long as APIC is off...
> ...HPET_TIMER must be off as well. Otherwise, Linux may actually pick up
> the HPET which block the PIT for Xenomai usage.

Right. Disabling CONFIG_HPET makes Xenomai work for me on this laptop. 

I still have a strange problem though: after loading xeno_nucleus and 
before loading xeno_native, the keyboard reacts strangely: each key 
press results in at least 6 (and up to 20) letters on the terminal.

Before loading the nucleus and after the skin is loaded everything is 
ok. And even while the keyboard reacts strangely, I can log in over ssh 
and the systems seems to be fine.

What should I do next ? Do you want to try looking into the keyboard 
issue, or should I rather enable the UP_APIC ? Or even go crazy and 
activate SMP again ?


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