Steven A. Falco wrote:
> Hmmm.  IRQ4 is "PCI ExternalCommand Write"?  But I'm not using PCI. 
> Here is the output:
> # ./irqloop
> NULL ->unmask handler, IRQ 4, chip <NULL>
> Test mode:    user-space task
> Port type:    serial
> Port address: 0x3f8
> Port IRQ:     4

Well, irqloop is preconfigured for boring x86 PCs, not thrilling PowerPC
platforms :). It assumes there is a 16550-based UART at the given
address using the given IRQ, but I would bet this doesn't apply to your
board. Please check doc/txt/irqbench.txt on the requirements.

What interface do you plan to use for the IRQ latency test? Maybe it is
possible to extend the benchmark driver.


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