Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Philippe Gerum wrote:
>>> The I-pipe/i386 has been ported to 2.6.24-rc1, so that we could swallow
>>> the i386/x86_64 merge which just happened upstream, without having to
>>> fiddle at the same time with the slew of other core changes which will
>>> hit the street before 2.6.24 is released. You need the latest trunk/ to
>>> configure Xenomai for this kernel properly, or at least update those two
>>> files:
>>> - scripts/
>>> - ksrc/arch/i386/Kconfig.
>>> Please check if this patch runs your x86 hw reasonably well, while I'm
>>> busy merging ksrc/arch/{i386, x86_64} on the Xenomai side. The plan is
>>> to have a unified x86* tree for Xenomai 2.4 which has to work with all
>>> supported kernel releases, including 2.6.24. Yes, I know we are in -rc
>>> phase, but such merge should mostly reshuffle the directory layout, and
>>> not the implementation per se, otherwise, it will have to wait for 2.5.
>> [While building the new toy...] Hmm, I'm not a big fan of this schedule.
>> Unless we want to delay Xenomai 2.4 for even more months,
> It usually takes about 2-4 weeks to port Xenomai to a new architecture,

(To port, but not to test and mature with the help of third parties.)

> so merging two existing ones on a per-file basis can't delay 2.4 for
> months, really.

Months when we want to sync with a stable unified kernel, likely weeks
if we just want to do the internal merge - again: including a reasonable
test cycle via the community.

>  we will not be
>> able to develop the unification against any stable kernel (the
>> unification is not yet done with 2.6.24-rc1!).
> The unification on the Xenomai side does not depend at all on the one
> ongoing upstream. The same way, we had the powerpc side unified for
> 32/64bit support long before the first I-pipe against the powerpc/ tree
> was available, and this process is even still ongoing upstream right
> now, long after its came to an end on our side. Conversely, a unified
> Xenomai tree for x86 would still work with older kernels, so the fact
> that 2.6.24 is being under development has no impact for us whatsoever.

If it is decoupled from the kernel, then it doesn't matter when we
merge, thus also no need to hurry _now_.

>> *IF* such an internal refactoring of Xenomai is actually that
>> straightforward, why not postpone it until some later 2.4 release?
> You don't want to change the build system in any significant way for
> stable releases, because downstream projects may rely on the way it
> works, or on the directory layout it processes. OTOH, it is still
> acceptable during -rc. Since we can't push this change during the stable
> cycle, and if we don't do it during the current -rc cycle either, then
> we would have to wait for 2.5. Our major release cycle is ~6 months
> long, even more in the 2.4 case, this would postpone our own unification
> work until mid-2008.

Aren't those 6 months the actual problem?

> Even if we could keep two separate trees for ages while upstream
> provides only one, there is an opportunity to rationalize things right
> now. If we can't do this at no significant cost, then we would wait for 2.5.
>  I
>> would rather prefer to role out something matured, also
>> build-system-wise, now instead of risking to generate new regressions.
>> But to make concreter: Do you plan to just create hal_32.c and hal_64.c,
>> or do you then also want to merge both into hal.c?
> I like the way upstream did this, and I intend to follow this path. The
> point is about preparing the directory tree now, so that we may make
> both implementations converge code-wise over time when it is sane and
> applicable. This means hal_32/64 for now, until we decide whether having
> a single HAL makes sense later. OTOH, there is no point in keeping
> separate smi.c files. Again, the first step is about _preparation_,
> which should pave the way for a deeper unification when it applies.
> And this later work would be allowed to take place during the stable 2.4
> series, since the framework would be already in place.

Even when focusing on infrastructure and really trivial merges, this
thing _will_ delay the 2.4 release by at least a 1-2 weeks. On the other
hand, there is still the broken blackfin arch...

Anyway, if you want to go this way, I will try to support the otherwise
very appreciated approach with testing and - when required - patching.


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