Hi all,


as I mentioned to Philippe yesterday, the initiative concerning  
Xenomai test framework and test campaign in order to publish results  
on our website is not dead! Unfortunately my Xenomai bandwidth is  
limited and it is not going very fast :/

I worked on it during the past few days and I am currently finishing  
implementing a quick and dirty tcl script that will allow to generate  
automatically gnuplot diagrams from the latency test results.

I am jointly working on another script to automatically determine  
static memory overhead induced by Xenomai. Nothing complicated, just a  
way to automate compilation process of a kernel with and without  
Xenomai to determine the overhead.

I plan to edit a wiki page soon in order to give some ideas about what  
this framework could be and also to summarize the different ideas that  
will hopefully be raised on the mailing list from discussions about  
this topic.

I will take the risk to make suggestions first to produce the first  
draft, you'll have the right to shoot when I'm finished ;)

I should be back within a week to give you some more news about it.


Bruno Rouchouse

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