> Could there be any reason why e.g. a pci_config_read_dword() call would
> fail in Xenomai context (because when still in the module probe code, I
> can perform the call correctly - in both cases I checked the
> dev->bus->ops->read/write pointers and they are identical) ?

Today I moved the Xenomai ISR registration (rtdm_request_irq)) from the RTDM
open method (rtdm_dev_open) to the module probe code (dev_probe). Then the
registration works, but not always. Upon frequent insmod- and rmmodding, I
still can make the machine freeze.

I'm now more or less lost and open to any ideas...


BTW: In the process of removing all instrumentation, I inadvertently
upgraded to SVN head (3149), after which no Xenomai process could be run
anymore (Binding failed. Bad address.). I solved that temporarily by
reverting to my original 3146.

> Jeroen.
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