Markus Osterried wrote:
> Hello,
> two months ago I reported a problem with rtdm_iomap_to_user().
> Philippe acknowledged the problem and promised to submit a bug fix.
> Unfortunately, till now I don't have seen this bug fix, or have
> overlooked it?

Please post your bugs to our bugtracker on if you feel like it
is getting/already got lost. Everyone is busy, and I'm afraid this
particular issue remained unfixed unintentionally.

> Can you please give me a hint about the roadmap?

This is surely a must-fix for both 2.4 and the next 2.3 releases, we are
only lacking the patch. Unless Philippe is able to come out with
something over the next, say, two days, I would suggest to develop a fix
along his original suggestions on your own. As far as I understood, we
need an arch-specific wrapper for io-remapping in
include/asm-powerps/wrappers.h and awareness for this specific solution
in asm-generic/wrappers.h.


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