while the syscall tracing thing still puzzles me, I was now at least
able to check that my patches do what they are supposed to. So here
comes a flush of (most of) the stuff that piled up on my side, fixing or
enhancing the following aspects:

 - x86 hal refactoring (-v2) - I decided to base my work on this because
   it shakes the code anyway and also happens to touch hal stuff, thus
   benefits from the unified version.

 - get timer frequency from ipipe (thus Linux) instead of relying on
   home-brewed estimations (fixes inaccurate APIC frequency)

 - report configured timer and clock device via /proc/xenomai/timer

 - cleanup tickdev emulation (related to I-pipe refactorings)

 - provide for __must_check attribute for __xn_copy_*_user services
   (developer tool - not for merge yet!)

I-pipe changes for i386 and x86_64 will be sent separately.


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