Paul wrote:
> On Wednesday 14 November 2007 09:56, Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda wrote:
>> A Dimarts 13 Novembre 2007, Philippe Gerum va escriure:
>>> Here is the sixth candidate release for the v2.4.x branch.
>> [....]
>>>     [i386, x86_64 => x86]
>>>     * Merge i386 and x86_64 arch-dep support as x86.
>>>     * Update Adeos/i386 support for 2.6.20, 2.6.22 and 2.6.23.
>> [...]
>> this has break the creation of the debian packages. I can understand that
>> conceptually they are the same arch (one with 32bits and another with 64
>> and more extensions) in general _all_ the distros treat them as two
>> different arch. So this changes break things. I don't think that it's a
>> good idea do it in a release candidate, IMHO.
> I'm right in the middle of looking at the packaging scripts, so expect a 
> patch 
> within the next few days.
> Giles/Philippe: Is there likely to be a 2.6.24 ipipe patch out before Xenomai 
> reaches 2.4.0 ?

I don't think so, at least for 2.6.26/x86*. Even if we do have an
experimental patch for 2.6.24-rc1/x86, it would make sense to go for a
combo x86_32/64 bit support patch for 2.6.24 directly. To get that, I'd
rather take the needed time to properly merge both I-pipe branches
without any release deadline pressure, and since we already have the
proper infrastructure available in 2.4-rc to run over the latest x86*
kernels, we may provide support for 2.6.24 during the Xenomai 2.4
maintenance cycle anyway.


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