Here is the latest release from the v2.3.x branch. Short log follows:


        * Fix broken select() on a message pipe.
        * Fix computation of overhead due to heap meta-data.
        * Properly recycle empty bucketed pages to the free list.
        * Sanitize heap size rounding at call sites.


        * Fix pthread_cond_wait().


        * Fix rt_queue_read() error path causing unexpected message


        * Support CONFIG_PPC_MERGE for resource management.


        * Integrated 32/64bit I-pipe support against 2.6.23/powerpc
          (i.e. CONFIG_PPC_MERGE).
        * Backported 32bit I-pipe support against 2.6.23/ppc.
        * Add a set of EVB-specific calibration values.


        * Upgrade to I-pipe 2.6.20/1.8 series.


        * Upgrade to I-pipe series.


        * Combined bf5xx support (bf533, bf537, bf561) against 2.6.23.

See the ChangeLog for details.


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