Philippe Gerum wrote:
> Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
>> Wolfgang Grandegger wrote:
>>> Thomas Wiedemann wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> we had a problem compiling the CAN-Driver for the last release candidate 
>>>> when
>>>> shared interrupts had been enabled, because of the re-named option
>>>> "CONFIG_XENO_OPT_SHIRQ_LEVEL.". After a quick look, version 2.4.0 still
>>>> doesn't fix this. A patch is included (for ksrc/drivers/can).
>>> Ah, thanks for reporting. I'm going to remove these #ifdefs a.s.a.p.
>>> It's sufficient to print an appropriate error messsage in case interrupt
>>> registration fails with -EBUSY.
>> The attached patch fixes this issue. Here is the ChangeLog entry:
>> 2007-12-17  Wolfgang Grandegger  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>   * ksrc/drivers/can/sja1000/{rtcan_sja1000.c, rtcan_*_pci.c}: Remove
>>   CONFIG_XENO_OPT_SHIRQ* ifdefs to fix build problems with recent
>>   versions of Xenomai. If rtdm_irq_request() now fails with -EBUSY, an
>>   error message reminds the user to check for shared interrupt support.
>>   * ksrc/drivers/can/rtcan_dev.c (rtcan_dev_unregister): unregister
>>   devices properly in case refcounts are disabled.
>> If there are no objections, I'm going to apply this patch to Xenomai
>> v2.3.x, v2.4.x and the trunk.
> Please merge. TIA,



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