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> Hi,
> is it possible to support the FPU on arm ? I'm porting ipipe on ep9315 and i
> don't find the information on how to modify IPIPE for supporting FPU.
> Thanks for all.

It depends if you want to support FPU in kernel-space or not. If you
simply want to support FPU in user-space, you have to modify
rthal_thread_switch in ksrc/arch/arm/switch.S to add support for
cirrus logic FPU (rthal_thread_switch was copied from Linux 2.6.14
context switch at a time when cirrus logic processors were not yet
supported by mainline). I modified rthal_thread_switch recently and
hesitated to put the FPU switch in a separated C file, since in recent
kernels, FPU switch is done in C. So, if you ask, I could do that.

If you want to support FPU in kernel-space, you will have to implement
the various functions needed by Xenomai nucleus (xnarch_fpu_init_p,
xnarch_init_fpu, xnarch_save_fpu, xnarch_restore_fpu), and implement
include/asm-arm/fptest.h to allow switchtest to validate your

                                               Gilles Chanteperdrix

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