Jan Kiszka wrote:
> Jan Kiszka wrote:
>> Philippe,
>> what was the idea behind commit #3256 [1]? It breaks the original
>> behavior of selection adeos-ipipe-2.6.23-... in the presence of 2.6.23.x
>> - and leaves a bad first impression for beginners (I received such a
>> notice here...). Was this for the special case
>> adeos-ipipe- But I think the common case
>> should take precedence over this corner case here. Unless there are more
>> issues with the original version, I would vote for restoring it.
>> Alternatively, we could add a safety belt by trying to apply the patch
>> with --dry-run first and only continue if this works out without
>> failures. Can hack this up if it's acceptable.
> Oh, this check already exists!
> So let's try this version, which additionally cleans up the related
> documentation. Catches both 2.6.23* and 2.6.24* for me here, but I may
> miss some cases (2.4?).

The documentation hunk was nonsense, here is a hopefully better version.


Siemens AG, Corporate Technology, CT SE 2
Corporate Competence Center Embedded Linux
 README.INSTALL            |   11 +++++------
 scripts/prepare-kernel.sh |    8 ++++----
 2 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

Index: xenomai/README.INSTALL
--- xenomai.orig/README.INSTALL
+++ xenomai/README.INSTALL
@@ -51,8 +51,10 @@ $ scripts/prepare-kernel.sh --linux=<lin
     valid either way.
     --adeos specifies the path of the Adeos patch to apply against the
-    kernel tree. This parameter can be omitted if Adeos has already
-    been patched in. In any case, the script will not try to apply it
+    kernel tree. Suitable patches are available with Xenomai under
+    ksrc/arch/<target-arch>/patches. This parameter can be omitted if
+    Adeos has already been patched in or the script shall suggest an
+    appropriate one. In any case, the script will not try to apply it
     again whenever a former patch is detected.
     --arch tells the script about the target architecture. If
@@ -64,10 +66,7 @@ located at /usr/src/linux-2.6.23-ipipe i
 $ cd xenomai-2.4
-$ scripts/prepare-kernel.sh
-  --linux=/usr/src/linux-2.6.23-ipipe
-  --adeos=/tmp/adeos-ipipe-2.6.23-i386-1.10-12.patch
-  --arch=i386
+$ scripts/prepare-kernel.sh --linux=/usr/src/linux-2.6.23-ipipe
 Note: The script will infer the location of the Xenomai kernel code
 from its own location within the Xenomai source tree. In other words,
Index: xenomai/scripts/prepare-kernel.sh
--- xenomai.orig/scripts/prepare-kernel.sh
+++ xenomai/scripts/prepare-kernel.sh
@@ -353,10 +353,10 @@ eval linux_`grep '^PATCHLEVEL =' $linux_
 eval linux_`grep '^SUBLEVEL =' $linux_tree/Makefile | sed -e 's, ,,g'`
 eval linux_`grep '^VERSION =' $linux_tree/Makefile | sed -e 's, ,,g'`
 if test x$verbose = x1; then
-echo "Preparing kernel $linux_version in $linux_tree..."
+echo "Preparing kernel $linux_version$linux_EXTRAVERSION in $linux_tree..."
 if test -r $linux_tree/include/linux/ipipe.h; then
@@ -369,7 +369,7 @@ elif test -r $linux_tree/include/linux/a
    exit 2
    if test x$adeos_patch = x; then
-      default_adeos_patch=`( ls $xenomai_root/ksrc/arch/$xenomai_arch/patches/adeos-ipipe-$linux_version-$linux_arch-*|sort -r ) 2>/dev/null | head -n1`
+      default_adeos_patch="`( ls $xenomai_root/ksrc/arch/$xenomai_arch/patches/adeos-ipipe-$linux_version*-{$linux_arch,$xenomai_arch}-*|sort -r ) 2>/dev/null | head -n1`"
    if test x$default_adeos_patch = x; then
@@ -393,7 +393,7 @@ else
    cd $linux_tree && patch --dry-run -p1 -f < $adeos_patch || { 
         cd $curdir;
-        echo "$me: Unable to patch kernel $linux_version with `basename $adeos_patch`." >&2
+        echo "$me: Unable to patch kernel $linux_version$linux_EXTRAVERSION with `basename $adeos_patch`." >&2
         exit 2;
    patch -p1 -f -s < $adeos_patch
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