Jose Augusto Matos Santos wrote:
 > Hi,
 > I would like to understand Xenomai's scheduler and it will be a pleasure if
 > you recomend me something to read.

There are two things you can read:
- the source, yes, sorry, but this is the best documentation; fortunately,
  Xenomai scheduler is way much simpler than, for instance, Linux
  scheduler. Look particularly in ksrc/nucleus/pod.c for the functions:
  . xnpod_suspend_thread
  . xnpod_resume_thread
  . xnpod_renice_thread
  and, of course xnpod_schedule
- xenomai nucleus module documentation, you will find documentation for
  Xenomai nucleus services, whether related to the scheduler or not:

 > And I want to know if there is any pattern
 > to write Xenomai's api.

I guess by Xenomai's API, you mean Xenomai skin. Yes, there is a
I find it on rthe RTAI wiki, but not on Xenomai wiki, maybe we should
copy it here ?

But, the best documentation is to look at other skins. You can look at
the psos+ skin for instance.


                                            Gilles Chanteperdrix.

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