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2008/2/1, Gilles Chanteperdrix <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
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i try to use rt_task_sleep( 10000000 ) in a user-space task under
round-robin scheduling but doesnt' work.
Do not forget that the number passed to rt_task_sleep is a count of
ticks (and documented as such), so, if you want to sleep for 10ms, you
should call:
i try also this but nothing is changed.

Of course, but about the other question: do you observe the same
behaviour with xenomai trunk ?

What do you mean  xenomai trunk ?

this is my actual configuration:
- xenomai-2.4-rc5
- kernel arm cirrus ep9315 patched

have i try with xenomai 2.4.1 ?


Roberto Bielli
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