Here is the second maintenance release for the v2.4.x branch.  Short
log follows:


        * Fix tick interrupt setup and related accounting when
          CONFIG_GENERIC_CLOCKEVENTS is disabled.

        * Fix race when releasing the timer.

        * Update Adeos support for, 2.6.23/i386 and
        * Upgrade Adeos support to 2.6.24/x86 final.


        * Update Adeos support for 2.6.20/powerpc and 2.6.23/powerpc.
        * Upgrade Adeos support to 2.6.24/powerpc over
          DENX-v2.6.24-stable (all-in-one patch also supporting the
          legacy ppc32 arch).


        * Set correct bit in IER to enable modem status IRQs.


        * Fix soft-lockups due to randomization of measurement thread
        * Avoid races when storing time warps.

See the ChangeLog for details.


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