On Tue, Mar 11, 2008 at 11:10 AM, Wolfgang Grandegger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
>  I tried to test the POSIX example program satch.c under Linux 2.4.25 for
>  PPC. I was able to fix a few issues but the module does still not load.
>  I have attached a patch for Xenomai 2.4.2 fixing:
>  - User-space satch: It was necessary to move time.h and signal.h to the
>   end of the include block to get it compiled (otherwise clockid_t is
>   defined, etc.)

This should not happen, header file should not depend on the inclusion order.

>  - User-space satch: It was necessary to move "#define xnprintf printf"
>   behind the include block, otherwise the linker complains about missing
>   symbols. I wonder how this can work with 2.6. And what is the status
>   of xnprintf?
>  - Makefile: to avoid a mixup of CFLAG definitions for compiling the
>   user-space and kernel-space part, I renamed CFLAGS to UCFLAGS etc.
>   (see patch). Note sure if this is an issue for 2.6 as well.
>  - Makefile: I added -DPRODUCER to the module build with Linux 2.4.

I tested satch recently on trunk. I had to make the printf change
(xnprintf is now defined in xenomai include files to xnarch_printf,
but xnarch_printf is not defined when compiling in user space, so I
replaced #define xnprintf printf with #define xnarch_printf printf) to
make it work again, but I saw no problem with include file order.

>  - I got the module build, but insmod fails with:
>   bash-2.05b# insmod satch.o
>   satch.o: unresolved symbol shm_unlink
>   satch.o: unresolved symbol ftruncate
>   satch.o: unresolved symbol shm_open
>   satch.o: unresolved symbol munmap
>   satch.o: unresolved symbol mmap
>   satch.o: unresolved symbol pse51_shm_close
>   Any idea why?

Because satch uses xenomai posix shared memories, so you have to
enable support for shared memories in the posix module configuration.

>  Thanks,
>  Wolfgang.
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