Here is the third maintenance release for the v2.4.x branch.  Short
log follows:


        * Do not terminate the entire process upon shadow deletion.
        * Assume a CPU migration may happen before xnshadow_start() is
          issued for an emerging thread.
        * Backport synchronous I/O multiplexing support (e.g. select()
          for RTDM file descriptors).
        * Introduce private stack pool for kernel threads.


        * Mark rt_task_delete() as a low stage call as required by the
        * Make sure pthread resources are claimed upon task
        * Fix severe issues in rt_cond_wait().


        * Add missing auto-cleanup support for message queues and
        * Fix error path in taskSpawn().


        * Fix error path for mq_notify().
        * Add select() service.


        * Add support for monitoring multiple file descriptors


        * Update Adeos support to 2.6.24-2.0-04.


        * Upgrade Adeos support to 2.6.24-1.9-01.


        * Assume that CPU_FTR_SPE may not exist in outdated kernels.
        * Do not scatter main heap memory over 128Kb anymore (allows
          large system heap within a single contiguous address space).
        * Upgrade Adeos support to 2.6.20-1.7-13, 2.6.24-2.1-01.

See the ChangeLog for details.


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