Philippe Gerum wrote:
> But obviously, the co-kernel mode based on the I-pipe is here to stay, and the
> purpose of Xenomai 3 is to allow the emulators to be usable on top of both
> real-time cores (i.e. PREEMPT_RT, or I-pipe + nucleus), using a simple
> recompilation. SOLO is an intermediate step, before both approaches are
> reconciled with a common emulator code base in Xenomai 3. In other words: two
> real-time cores, one set of emulators. Well, that's the plan.
> I will send a roadmap to Xenomai 3 asap (take this literally, because of 
> hectic
> schedule here), to explain where we are heading to.
Thanks for the clarification - I was not sure of the intent for SOLO,
but now it makes sense.  I'm glad that IPIPE is not going away, as my
application will need hard real time.


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