Gilles Chanteperdrix wrote:
>  > Of course, we are looking for all bugs. But please tell me: do you get
>  > the lock-up even before fork is called ? If not, could you verify that
>  > at least some Xenomai programs run correctly, for instance latency ?
>  > Looking at the code, I think I found a bug, but I doubt it could cause a
>  > lockup. The definition of VM_PINNED in include/linux/mm.h collides with
>  > another bit used by Linux, so this defintion should be changed from:
>  > #define VM_PINNED 0x08000000
>  > to:
>  > #define VM_PINNED 0x10000000
> Here comes a 6th patch for this bug, (patch 6 includes patch 5).
I've tested the 6th patch, the lockup is still there.
As far as I can observe, it behaves exactly like with the 5th patch.


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