Sebastian Smolorz wrote:
Jan Kiszka wrote:
This patch may do the trick: it uses the inverted tsc-to-ns function instead of the frequency-based one. Be warned, it is totally untested inside Xenomai, I just ran it in a user space test program. But it may give an idea.

Your patch needed two minor corrections (ns instead of ts in functions xnarch_ns_to_tsc()) in order to compile. A short run (30 minutes) of latency -t1 seems to prove your bug-fix: There seems to be no drift.

That's good to hear.

If I got your patch correctly, it doesn't make xnarch_tsc_to_ns more precise but introduces a new function xnarch_ns_to_tsc() which is also less precise than the generic xnarch_ns_to_tsc(), right?

Yes. It is now precisely the inverse imprecision, so to say. :)

So isn't there still the danger of getting wrong values when calling xnarch_tsc_to_ns() not in combination with xnarch_ns_to_tsc()?

Only if the user decides to implement his own conversion. Xenomai with all its skins and both in kernel and user space should always run through the xnarch_* path.


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