the patch series to come for review adds support for user-space mutexes to the
posix skin. Since I wanted this support to be available on my AT91RM9200, the
patch series start with patches which are mainly for the ARM architecture, to
end with reimplementation of the kernel-space and user-space mutex services for
the posix skin.

Some patches brought some questions when making them, questions which will be
discussed in the mail accompanying the patch.

Since I do not use quilt, some patches will inevitably mix several
modifications, especially the patch to ksrc/skins/posix/syscall.c. I promise,
next time I will use quilt.

The result has only be tested in the fast (no syscall) case, to evaluate its
performance, I will start tests trying to cover the syscall case now, and keep
you informed.

Thanks in advance for your review.



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