I just tried to get a sample test program to run under Xenomai-SOLO
and run into this panic message:
Xenomai/SOLO: current implementation restricts VxWorkspriority levels to range 
looking at the code I found at taskLib.c
> 263     {
> 264             if (wind_prio < 0 || wind_prio > 255) /* In theory. */
> 265                     return S_taskLib_ILLEGAL_PRIORITY;
> 266
> 267             if (wind_prio >= threadobj_max_prio - 1) /* In practice. */
> 268                     panic("current implementation restricts VxWorks"
> 269                           "priority levels to range [%d..0]",
> 270                           threadobj_max_prio - 2);
> 271             return OK;
Therefore I seem to have only the option of priority 0 which is way too limited.

I took a look at vxworks/testsuite/task-1.c and found that it spawns a task
with priority 70. Calling "make check" compiled a few more files but did not run
any checks.

After calling make in vxworks/testsuite and callling ./task-1 I got the same

I am running the (unpatched) Debian kernel 2.6.24-1-686, as I just wanted to
run some test without requiring any realtime behaviour. Reading 
I found the sentence "SOLO may also be used with non-PREEMPT_RT kernels, likely
for basic debugging tasks which do not involve strict real-time requirements"
and concluded therefore that I should be able to use for my test a "normal"

As glibc I use the Debian lenny version 2.7-10.

Best regards

Niklaus Giger

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